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Founded by Bob Fayfield in 1966, Banner Engineering began as a small engineering firm known for solving problems. Today, Banner Engineering is a global company and a globally recognized leader in the field of industrial automation.  Banner sensors and vision sensors, LED lights and indicators, wireless and safety products are used by companies large and small, from industry leaders in the Fortune 500 to innovators just entering the market.

Product Summary: Digital Indicators & Panel Meters, Level, Network Connectivity, Position, Safety & Lighting, Wireless

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What if you could see a problem coming before it becomes a problem? Banner’s QM30VT1 vibration and temperature sensor continuously monitors your motors, fans or pumps and detects small changes in performance to identify and predict potential failure . Paired with Banner’s programmed, plug-and-play Wireless Solutions Kit, you can easily monitor up to 40 assets in one location. Featuring clear alarm and raw data display, pre-programmed data metrics and vibration analytics, this simple to install all-in-one system gives you the insight you need to avoid unexpected downtime and confidently schedule preventative maintenance.

QM42: Vibration & Temperature Series – Wireless

Q4X: Versatile, Rugged, Laser Measurement Photoelectric Sensor

Q3X: Laser Contrast Sensor

TL70: Tower Light “Configure yours today!”

WLS27: External LED Strip Light

K70 Series: 70 mm Illuminated Touch Buttons

LTF Series: External Time of Flight Gauging Sensor

Wireless gateway with protocol conversion, data logging, cellular option for Email and Text alerts.

DXM100 External: Your Connectivity and Protocol Conversion Champion

DXM 100

The DXM100 Controller is an industrial wireless controller developed to facilitate Ethernet connectivity and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. It’s Modbus communications with an internal wireless DX80 Gateway that provides connectivity and protocol conversion between ISM radios and network connections.
Have Banner products or looking to install some wireless sensors, but need to have protocol conversion or a cellular option? The brand new DX100 is exactly that you need. Give us a call to ask us about Banner’s sample program to experience this fantastic controller yourself!