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Spread over a large areas, coal terminals spray their massive coal mounds with large volumes of water to reduce the amount of dust rising into the air. Water is an expensive resource and a large terminal in Virginia’s Tidewater region knew they were not able get the data needed to analyze and reduce consumption by only monitoring usage at the handoff point, so they called in Jobe Industrial to help them develop a better solution.

After careful onsite inspection, 11 metering locations were identified and Recordall Disc Meters External from Badger Meter were selected as a reliable, accurate and cost-effective solution. Measuring usage, however, was only one part of the problem. The other part was recording the data for future analysis.

Rather than have a technician climb ladders and squeeze into tight places to read and record each meter every day, Jobe designed a wireless solution using SureCross DX80 Wireless Data External radios from Banner Engineering mounted at each metering location. A site survey showed that every radio would have line of sight with at least one other radio, leveraging Banners multi-hop technology. While power could have been run to each metering location, the installation cost could have sunk the whole project. Therefore Banner’s FlexPower® External was selected to provide long-lasting and reliable power to the radios without the need for any wiring. A Data Station Plus External from Red Lion Controls was programmed to aggregate all the meter’s wireless Modbus signals, providing real-time usage to any device with internet access. In addition, all data was automatically logged and saved in a .csv file for future analysis.

Working on-site and in-person, Jobe was able to find an elegant and cost-effective solution to our customer’s needs. If your company is looking to reduce the use of costly resources, such as water, compressed air, or natural gas, be sure to call Jobe Industrial External and leverage our extensive experience in designing reliable and economical solutions.