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On the Level – Solving Challenging Applications

Our customers often ask our engineers for help in solving a challenging level application. Below are examples of how Jobe created solutions for challenging level problems for our […]

Mobile Phone Alarming for Industrial Applications

In our ever-expanding mobile world, integrating wireless into your industrial alarming applications has never been easier or more reliable. Using a combination of Red Lion […]

Introducing US Valve: Competitive pricing, fantastic lead times

Everyone was excited to welcome US Valve to Jobe in 2016, but no one more so than April Swoope. Our fantastic inside sales person extraordinaire, […]

Encoder: Have you ever needed to measure something?

Have you ever needed to measure something that moved, but the sensors just wouldn’t work? We run across that every day at Jobe and have […]

Quick Delivery Saves the Day: Warren Control Valves

In August of 2014 a medium size specialty chemical company in New England had a problem with a non-working 10” Spence Back Pressure Regulator. As […]

Excuse me, how much energy did you say I will save?: Maxi-Therm Installation

Deep in the basement of a newly refurbished building on the campus of Baltimore’s largest hospital, among the loud whizzes, buzzes and bangs of the […]

Look Ma, no wires… :Wireless Notification System

Spread over a large areas, coal terminals spray their massive coal mounds with large volumes of water to reduce the amount of dust rising into […]

Silent, but Deadly: Gas Detection

Silent, but deadly takes on a serious tone when disposing of aerosol cans in an industrial environment. A manufacturer of industrial equipment, that commonly uses […]

Reducing Errors in Steam Flow Measurement: Steam Flow

Due to rising environmental concerns, reducing energy consumption is a priority for many building and campus operators. As is always the case, you cannot properly […]

Controlling the Heat Treating Process: Honeywell HC900 System

After strategically deciding to enter the field of composite materials targeting the aerospace and defense industries, a Baltimore based machine shop invested in a used […]

Remote Monitoring for Critical Operations: Remote Steam Plant Monitoring

A large state-operated facility found itself in a pickle. Looming budget and personnel cuts would be leaving their central steam plant unsupervised between the hours of […]

Using Wireless to Save Time and Increase Operational Efficiencies

Like many manufacturers, Ball Corporation’s aluminum end manufacturing facility in Bristol, VA has numerous trucks dropping off and picking up material throughout the day. In […]