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Pulsar Measurement

Since 1986 Pulsar Measurement has developed, manufactured and marketed industrial flow and level monitoring instruments including ultrasonic level transmitters, clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters, and open channel flow meters. Pulsar’s award-winning products are favored worldwide due to their reliability and easy menu-driven set-up. Pulsar’s product range has been designed to provide a full range of alternatives, from single point of measurement installations right through to complex multi-point applications with digital communications and levels of measurement.

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With the TTFM 6.1, you never need to be an expert in non-contacting flow measurement to get the best results in your application. Every flow measurement application is different, and if you want the best results, choosing the right non-contacting meter can take a lot of time and research. The TTFM 6.1 from Pulsar Measurement has been designed to be the easiest to choose, use, and maintain. As the saying goes, great things come in threes. With only three easy-to-select transducer sizes that work on all common pipe materials, the TTFM 6.1’s intuitive and powerful hardware combined with our world-class support team will help make you look and feel like an expert.

Pulsar Measurement - TTFM 6.1