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While the mid-Atlantic region may be temperate most of the year, we are no stranger to long cold snaps that wreak havoc on exposed pipes. Insulated heat trace cable is the proven solution to mitigating the risk of freezing pipes and production shutdown.

But installing heat trace is more than just attaching cables to exposed pipes – it takes experience and expertise to get it right. That is why Jobe Industrial’s team of experienced installers specialize in turnkey electric heat trace solutions for both interior and exterior industrial piping – it’s the only mechanical work we do. Whether is 10 feet or 10,000 feet, we provide a complete solution with all required drawings, connections, monitoring and warranties. Our decades of experience designing and installing heat trace solutions ensures that you will always get the right solution at the right price.

If you have new piping requiring heat trace or an existing heat trace system that is failing, contact us to develop a reliable turn-key heat trace solution for your critical industrial process.


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