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As the demand for improved energy efficiency and the complexity of commercial HVAC systems increases, the precise measurement of airflow is critical to the health and comfort of a building’s occupants and the long-term performance of its mechanical systems. Every building is different and Smith & Wilson’s experience and expertise in designing and installing airflow measurement systems, including ducted airflow, fan discharge airflow, fan inlet and outdoor airflow applications, makes us an excellent partner for your next project.

Outdoor Airflow Measurement

Controlling the amount of outside air entering a building is required to maintain pressurization, meet energy efficiency goals, confirm compliance with local building codes and maintain the health of the building and its’ occupants. The accurate measurement of outside airflow is required for the proper operation of today’s high performance buildings. Outside air can pose a challenge regarding the metering technology to choose due to low airflow velocities, high moisture content in certain climates and the presence of airborne contaminants at the point of measure. See more about our outdoor airflow measurement solutions.


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