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A large state-operated facility found itself in a pickle. Looming budget and personnel cuts would be leaving their central steam plant unsupervised between the hours of 3 PM and 6 AM daily. Without an operator present for 15 hours every day, the facilities manager was unwilling to rely on the system’s current alarm system – a red strobe light mounted outside of the plant intended to alert a sporadically patrolling and potentially unreliable, security guard of any trouble. Any delay in communicating alarms to the correct plant personnel could be a costly disaster.

To find a solution to their critical problem, the facilities manager reached out to a Jobe Industrial sales engineer, John Newton, for a solution. After visiting the facility and surveying the application, John proposed using a Red Lion CSMSTRVW control and communications modular controller External . The modular nature of Red Lion’s design enabled John to add a XCGSM000 cellular modem option card for communications and four digital input modules to accommodate the 10 alarm outputs per boiler for a total of 40 alarm points. Working with a local Systems Integrator with considerable experience programming Red Lion’s Crimson software, the controller’s text messaging capability was activated and programmed to alert specified facilities engineering and operations personnel in the event of an alarm – any time day or night. Text messages are now sent to several cell phones at once and include critical information, such as the boiler number, cause of alarm, and sequence of alarms (in the case of multiple alarms). In support of the remote alarming functionality, a virtual HMI was programmed to allow recipients instant access from any internet accessible device (including smart phones) to web-based “screens” showing the real-time status of all four boilers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, data logging was enabled so a history of all alarm events can be retrieved remotely on demand.

Facing a critical problem, Jobe Industrial was able to design an low-cost, reliable solution with incredible functionality and flexibility for remote monitoring. If your operations face a similar challenge, please call us at 855-805-2599. We would enjoy the opportunity to assess your application and find a solution.