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The advent of wireless and cellular technologies has generated significant advances in measurement, monitoring and control solutions. From the need for 24/7/365 monitoring to overcoming the limitations of wiring in older environments, wireless and cellular technologies offer a proven, reliable and time-saving return on investment for certain applications. However, without a trusted and experienced partner, designing and implementing wireless and/or cellular systems for critical process applications can be time-consuming and frustrating. Jobe and Company has a proven track record with wireless and cellular solutions in industrial environments. If you are considering wireless and/or cellular for your next project, be sure to contact us early in the process to avoid wasting time on the head-aches that can accompany a wireless implementation. Let us show you how wireless can make your operations more product and cost-effective.

In our ever-expanding mobile world, integrating wireless into your industrial alarming applications has never been easier or more reliable. Using a combination of Red Lion meters, HMI’s and cellular routers with a Banner wireless radio network, Matt Lonsdale of Jobe and Company is able to demonstrate a cost-effective solution for transmitting data and alarms to a mobile phone virtually anywhere in the world! Watch the short video below to learn more.

Watch Matt Lonsdale demonstrate the wireless transmission of a thermocouple’s temperature reading from a Red Lion PAXT meter, through a Banner DX80, 900MHz radio network, into a Red Lion Graphite HMI for transmission over a cellular network via a Red Lion RAM Cellular RTU to his mobile phone, where he was able to view the temperature reading and dismiss the alarm.




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