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For over sixty years, Ircon External has designed and produced over 500,000 noncontact temperature measurement and control instruments, providing solutions for thousands of applications globally. Joined with Raytek® and Datapaq®, The Worldwide Leader in Temperature Profiling, and now part of the Fluke Industrial group, Ircon offers complete temperature solutions and has the capability necessary to develop new and innovative designs in the future. Noncontact temperature measurement is their business. Ircon sensors are available with nine different spectral wavelengths and can measure temperatures from -50ºC to 3500ºC (-58ºF to 6500ºF). Ircon provides rugged accessories, such as air/water cooling and explosion proof housings for difficult applications. Features, such as the peak picker and track and hold were designed by their engineers to allow Ircon instruments to work with intermittent targets and interferences.

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