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Here’s why we think you should choose Jobe for steam, measurement and control applications.

We supply more than just products.
At Jobe Industrial, we like solving problems. We are committed to listening to our customer’s needs, understanding their application and designing efficient, reliable and economical solutions.

We have been around the block.
Not many companies make it to 65 years old. At Jobe Industrial, we know that it’s our experience and knowledge that have enabled us to successfully serve the region since 1949. We are exposed to numerous applications across a dozen distinct market segments, giving us the experience and expertise to design solutions to your most challenging applications.

Our product portfolio rocks.
With so many years in the industry, we have put together a product portfolio of some of the most respected names in steam and instrumentation. We are always evaluating our offering and cultivating manufacturer relationships to make sure we have access to the products you need. If you don’t see the product you need listed, call us and we will find it.

Our customer service is unmatched.
We strive for a great customer experience with every transaction we process. From your first call in to after your solution or product is installed, we will be there with the help and support you expect. We want to build an enduring partnership with our customers that results in long-term mutually beneficial relationships.


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