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Air Monitor Corporation is the premier solutions provider of airflow measurement solutions for the commercial HVAC market. As the only dedicated manufacturer with expertise in differential pressure and thermal dispersion technologies, Air Monitor knows from experience the importance of applying the right technology to the right application. The complexities of measuring airflow do not allow for a “one size fits all” solution, which is why Air Monitor offers a full array of standard and custom solutions to fit your unique requirements.

The Air Monitor (AMC) Advantage

Air Monitor has been delivering industry-leading airflow measurement solutions since 1967. Here are the key advantages to using/specifying Air Monitor instruments on your next commercial HVAC project:

  1. Solves the Outdoor Air Problem

    The most challenging application in airflow measurement is measuring outside air. With low velocities, directional wind loads, large ambient temperature fluctuations, variable humidity, limited available straight runs and lots of dirt and debris – it’s virtually impossible to achieve accurate and reliable results from a thermal meter designed for indoor applications. The right choice is The OAM II. It’s unaffected by all these challenges and delivers reliable, cost-effective measurement in virtually any outside air application.

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  2. Uses Field Replaceable Polycarbonate Sensing Apertures – No Glass Probes

    On a busy jobsite or during routine maintenance, no matter how hard we try things break. That’s why Air Monitor’s ELECTRA-flo™ Probe uses the industry’s only field replaceable sensor node. Formed using injection molded polycarbonate, AMC’s sensors are more rugged and durable than traditional glass sensors making them easier to install and clean in the field. But if they do break, no worries. You don’t have to send the whole probe back to the factory to be fixed and recalibrated. Just simply order a replacement node from Air Monitor and snap it into place – the meter is back in action immediately!

  3. Multiple Sensing Technologies

    There’s no once-size-fits-all in commercial HVAC applications. That’s why Air Monitor has the industry’s most complete product offering featuring thermal and differential pressure technologies. Each project is different, and Air Monitor has more solutions to best meet a variety of cost, accuracy and environmental requirements.

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  4. No Fault Warranty

    For 50 years Air Monitor has known the importance of standing behind their product with an industry-leading three-year warranty against defects and a one year “No Fault” warranty. It reduces start-up costs with extended coverage to include accidental installation (miswiring, etc.). Certain exclusions do apply, but you can feel confident that Air Monitor has your back when you need them most. Check out the full warranty ( for more details.

Product Summary: HVAC Flow Measurement

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Featured Products

Differential Pressure:

VOLU-flo OAM: Outside Air Monitor

This patented World Class design simply and easily measures outside air flow from inlets, it is unaffected by dirt and moisture because of its unique design and is offered in stations that include the expanded metal, OAM, Inlet Reference Sensor, and Inlet Temperature Sensing RTD.  The OAM is revolutionizing how air flow is measured and is the first option to measure air flow in both new buildings and retrofits.


Is ideally suited for both new installations and retrofit applications where the airflow is in location offering limited amount of straight run. Operating on the Fechheimer principle to measure the total and static pressure components of airflow, the location of the ports and the sizing of the tube provide extreme performance in normally difficult to measure areas. Options to mount externally, or internally, insertable/removable, or self-supported, there is truly a VOLU-probe for all applications.

Veltron DPT2500 Plus:

This smart transmitter is furnished with an automatic zeroing circuit, for applications operating in a moderately steady temperature location, this automatic zeroing basically functions as a “self-calibrating” transmitter. This extremely accurate transmitter can hold 0.1% of Natural Span, add in the three line LCD display and you have the best Airflow DP transmitter in the world.

Thermal Dispersion:

Utilizing two matched thermistors, one is heated and then the airflow is calculated based on the heat transfer and the defined relationship between heat transfer and airflow velocity. Each sensor measures airflow within 2% of actual point velocity and temperature within +/- 0.1F.


Integral Transmitters make installation a breeze allowing the wires to be run directly back into a BAS system.

ELECTRA-flo Probe Transmitter:

Offering up to 16 sensors per probe for the densest probe array and best in world accuracy. Transmitter allowing for probes to be daisy chained together with a single home-run back and 32 sensors per probe array or measuring station. ELECTRA-flow stations are available to minimize the set-up for either new construction or retrofits applications.


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