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Today’s complex commercial hydronic HVAC systems require the accurate measurement of flows to ensure occupant comfort, peak efficient operation and the long-term health of the mechanical systems. Due to the unique design and piping configuration of each building, one size will not fit all applications. With a full line of industry leading insertion-style, inline, and clamp-on flow meters, Smith & Wilson’s extensive experience and expertise in the design and installation of HVAC flow measurement make us an excellent partner to help select the right meter technology for each application.

Featured Products & Applications

ONICON F-3500 Insertion Mag Meter

Onicon F-3500

Each ONICON’s F-3500 Insertion Mag Meter provides a single analog output for flow rate, a high resolution frequency output to drive peripheral devices, a scalable pulse output for totalization and an empty pipe alarm system.

ONICON F-1000 Turbine Flow Meter

Onicon F-1000

ONICON’s F-1000 Series Turbine Flow Meters are individually configured and wet calibrated to your application.

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