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Silent, but deadly takes on a serious tone when disposing of aerosol cans in an industrial environment. A manufacturer of industrial equipment, that commonly uses solvents, lubricants and paints in their manufacturing process, asked Jobe Industrial to design an alarming system to notify workers when dangerous amounts of gases were present. Unsafe levels of flammable gases had built up in the sealed 55-gallon drum used to hold the disposed of aerosol cans. They had recently experienced several close calls with leaking cans and were no longer willing to take the risk of a deadly explosion.

Selecting the Honeywell Analytics XNX Universal Transmitter External , Jobe remote-mounted the sensor on the inside of the barrel and connected it back to the transmitter using Turck cables to enable quick disconnect when the drum needed to be emptied. The transmitters were then wired into a custom panel that was programmed to flash a yellow light when the LEL-m measurement reached 20% – telling workers not to dispose of any cans until the light turned off – and flashed a red light with loud siren when the LEL-m measurement exceeded 50% – telling workers to take immediate action to dissipate the flammable gasses per the manufacturer’s ISO9001 safety procedures. With two total barrels located near each other on the factory floor, the system consists of two sensors, two transmitters and one panel to keep the cost down.

The need for hazardous gas detection, including flammable and poisonous, hits across many applications, environments, and industries. If you’re concerned about what’s in the air around you, give Jobe a call and we can work with you to design a system to alert your team of any risks that are in the air.