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In August of 2014 a medium size specialty chemical company in New England had a problem with a non-working 10” Spence Back Pressure Regulator. As this application was an open system chilled water loop, the regulator’s failure was most likely due to the clogging up of its small orifice openings. This is a common problem found in regulators and the region’s Warren Controls representative went onsite to explain how he could provide a better solution.

The proposed solution was not another traditional back pressure regulator, but a control valve along with a pressure sensor and a packaged PID controller.  This new control valve solution offered several advantages over a regulator; including higher turndown, more tolerance of dirt and particulates in the fluid stream, faster response time, alarming capabilities and communications with the plant’s DCS system.

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Using the given flow information, an 8” Series 2900 External Cast Iron, 150 lbs., flanged valve with a pneumatic actuator and an electro pneumatic positioner was easily selected using ValveWorks® External , Warren Controls easy-to-use online valve sizing program. After all the information on the new solution and the significant advantages had been presented, the customer was in full agreement with the selection and excited for the transition. There was only one slight problem…the install of the new valve could only occur during a planned shutdown of the plant and that was only 8 days away. With a focus on inventory and fast turnaround, Warren Controls was able to meet the challenge and shipped the solution in 7 days! The valve was successfully installed with the pressure transmitter and local controller during this shut down and has been working as promised ever since.

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