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Everyone was excited to welcome US Valve to Jobe in 2016, but no one more so than April Swoope. Our fantastic inside sales person extraordinaire, April has worked with customers to place thousands of ball and check valves in service during her 22 year career with Jobe. As is often the case, April got a call from a waste water facility having an issue in their pump house – in between cycles, there was backflow through their line, which was wreaking havoc on the pH level and causing issues with compliance tests.

April’s solution was simple, add a wafer check valve into the line allowing normal operation while preventing backflow after the pump shut-off. With faulty test results exposing the facility to hefty fines, immediate delivery was a must. In a few short minutes April called US Valve and found the right valve available for immediate delivery the following day.

The waste water facility installed the check valve as soon as it arrived, eliminating the backflow and bringing the plant into compliance while avoiding a big fine. In short, April was able to save the day with the help of US Valve – a reliable supplier who focuses on the immediate availability of check and ball valves.

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