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Encoder Products Company Inc. External (EPC), a leading designer and world-wide manufacturer of motion sensing devices, was founded in 1969. Today, EPC manufactures the most complete line of incremental and absolute shaft encoders in the industry.

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Encoder Products Company Introduces a Versatile Magnetic Encoder Module with a Threaded Housing
The Model 30MT External is a low-profile 30mm diameter magnetic encoder module and is a versatile, cost-effective solution for non-contact, end-of-shaft rotary feedback in commercial, industrial and non-industrial applications. By means of advanced sensing and signal processing technology, the Model 30MT External provides accurate incremental feedback, even in harsh operating conditions. With its threaded housing, the Model 30MT External is simple to install.

Designed For Harsh Operating Conditions30MT on motor top trans
Designed for tough industrial environments, the Model 30MT External offers sealing up to IP69K and is virtually impervious to dust, dirt, and moisture. The Model 30MT External features a chemically inert high-temperature nylon composite housing and non-contact magnetic sensing.  The encoder is capable of operating in temperatures from -40º C to 120º C and features a threaded housing for easy installation. With a generous sensor-to-magnet air gap of 0.022”, the  Model 30MT External  holds ratings of 100g @ 11ms for shock and 20g @ 10 to 3000 Hz for vibration.

High Performance Magnetic Sensing
Even with its tough housing, the Model 30MT External features advance signal processing circuitry which allows for a wide sensor-to-magnet air gap while still providing excellent waveform symmetry and repeatability, delivering signal accuracy exceeding that of many magnetic encoders.

Suitable for high-performance applications, the Model 30MT External offers:

  • A threaded housing for quick and easy installation
  • Sealing up to IP69K
  • Resolution up to 1024 CPR
  • Maximum frequency of 350MHz
  • Optional index channel with quadrature
  • Four output types
  • An 8-pin M12 connector