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In 2000 a steel plant in Petersburg, Virginia needed to monitor the continuous flow of cooling water to the blast furnace and mold to prevent permanent damage and more catastrophically, a spill of molten steel onto the melt shop floor. To monitor such a critical process, the plant’s engineers needed a durable and highly reliable flow meter, but they were not sure the best model or locations for installation.

With the help of John Newton, sales engineer from Jobe, the team identified ideal meter locations in the Non-Contact Cooling Water (NCCW) pump house and on the Furnace Blowdown, Mold Blowdown, Furnace Makeup, and Mold Makeup water loops. Due to the rugged environment and critical application, John specified Badger’s magnetic flow meter model (see Jobe’s Badger Meter Selection Chart). The meters’ analog output is tied back to the plant PLC system ensuring any alarms are documented. They are also tied to the water treatment controls via the meter’s pulse output, enabling the regulation of additive chemical amounts based on the flow rate.

The Badger meters (see picture) have performed without interruption since 2000. That’s 16 years! All this goes to show that you can depend on Badger Meter’s industry-leading flow measurement solutions from Jobe to help you optimize your operations.


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Recent picture of Badger Meter’s magnetic flow meters in operation at a steel plant in Petersburg, VA. Badger Meter Selection Chart Click here to view our valuable chart for selecting the right Badger Meter for your application. Includes key models, applications, features and links to specification sheets.