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Many industrial applications require the integration of products into a new or existing environment. The proper schematic of a custom integration is key for ensuring proper function, reliability and durability for the long-term. Jobe and Company’s extensive experience with industrial controls and our strong partnership with reliable system integrators, ensures we are capable of integrating any equipment into a final solution. From programing logic to wiring panels and retrofitting existing controls, we can work with you to create a custom solution to your unique needs. We work closely with your team at your facility, from the design phase through post startup support, to make sure your system is fully operational and you are satisfied with its performance. We are experts at integrating both our own product portfolio and those of other manufacturers. For more information, please give us a call.

Bondcote panel 2Knowledge and Experience Plays an Important Role
Jobe and Company’s team of degreed mechanical engineers have designed process control solutions and panels for a myriad of applications; including water and waste water, hazardous gas, machine automation, heat treat, tank level, data monitoring and conversion, research freezers and refrigerators, compressors, and electric/pneumatic valve controls. Our extensive controls knowledge and experience enables us to partner with your team to fully understand your process and develop a reliable controls system to both monitor and manipulate your process. With access to the latest technology and trends, we are a seasoned partner and capable of designing the best solution for improving your process.

ECC_ProSelect the Right Products and Brands for your Application
Jobe and Company has experience with most industry-leading manufactures in process control, measurement and steam. Working on a range of applications for hundreds of clients, many of them repeat, our knowledge and experience extends beyond online searches and spec sheets, ensuring the best, most cost-effective components are selected for your application.

APG 4Installation, Start Up and Documentation Are Critical
At Jobe and Company, we offer installation and start up services for all panels we design and assemble. This includes full documentation, diagrams and instructions to ensure proper operations for years to come. From concept to completion, Jobe ensures that you get the right solution for your application.

Determine Your Project Timeline and Hold Everyone Accountable
Designing improved process controls is a process in itself. Jobe and Company works with you from the start to understand your deadlines and craft a project plan with milestones to ensure your project is done on time and on budget. With extensive experience in custom built, built-to-spec and panel production runs, we are practiced selecting products with acceptable lead-times and balancing our workload to meet your panel demands and deadlines. In addition, our focus on proactive communications safeguards against unforeseen delays, allowing time for contingency planning as needed.

CAPTIONS: Top Left – This panel is part of a system designed by Jobe and Company that helped control and monitor the system for coating, laminating, and working with composite materials. Connected to the network, the factory was able to monitor peripheral sensors, both live and data logged, as well as controlling heaters, and capturing user inputs. All of this information was displayed on the HMI, or accessible through the network anywhere in the world.

Middle Right – Consistently delivering these panels to a multi-national HVAC manufacturer is a proud moment for Jobe and Company, the relationship that we have built is stronger than ever. The customer’s needs vary based on the month and Jobe and our partners stock key components so we can deliver on-time, on-budget. These are just some of the panels that are on hand for the next order.

Bottom Left – Jobe and company has proudly designed and manufactured four generations of similar panels for a military research installation controlling hazardous gas. Designed to control gas flow rates, humidity, pressure, and temperature and provide a stable pre-programmed mixture for ongoing research. The system then data logs and records the various flow, temperature, and humidity rates to compare against other tests in the future.




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